Indian Specter Paranormal Society

I.S.P.S - Team

                        I.S.P.S Team is a West Bengal Government Registered Non Profitable Organization

                                                            Our Contact Email [email protected]

                                        Phone Number- +919933400840/ +919903434064 Official Number - +918436667441

Our Mission...

Paranormal Investigation of any Haunted places or par claim ,

Occult Research,

Spiritual Healing ,

Para psychological Healing ,

Ufology ,

Fighting against superstition of our society ,

Research about any Beyond Normal things ,


Meet us our society's CEO & President,

Ordained Minister

Rev: Avijit Sarkar

He is a Lead Paranormal Investigator, Occultist, Spiritual Heller, Entity Expert,

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Poltergeist Activity:

Shadow People or Shadow Creatures Activity:
Residual Haunting Activity:
Demon Activity:

Intelligent/Interactive Activity:

Doppelganger Haunting Activity:


Client Visiting only for Kolkata Rs: 800/- 

Paranormal Investigation Charges Rs: 5000/-

West Bengal Visiting Charges Rs: 3000/-

Paranormal Investigation Charges Rs: 10,000/-

Out of West Bengal only Paranormal Investigation Charges Rs:20,000/-  With Ups an Down Fare.....

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Good bye my best friend Rev - Gaurav Tiwari , I am praying for your soul , please stay well where ever you are , Rest In Peace my bro... Miss u always with love and respect ...
Paranormal Research Society